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Our clients are very important to us.  We take pride in our work and love what we do! Here are some great words from past and current clients about or practice.

"When outsourcing your medical billing services look no further and trust me when I say that, We looked high and low till we found WW Medical Billing aka: Wendy Weiner she is the best you will find. She will have your back not only with Medical Billing but also getting your business started for example: Appling for NPI number, getting you accepted into to all insurance plans and that's just a few, Again I can not thank her more then enough for all that she has done for our company."   -  A. Rosado

"I am immeasurably grateful to Wendy Weiner...for ending my fruitless search to get readmitted into the insurance networks after dropping out for a few years due to health reasons without due notification.  An expensive online company and my own attempts to get re attested with Medicare and the Blues,was a horrendous headache and ultimate failure.  In the past, outsourcing billing yielded less that 45% collected services.  A friend told me about Wendy’s company collecting in the 97% range! Well, let me tell you, after I signed up with Wendy she went straight to the horse's mouth and the right sources in order to straighten out my application’s endless list of errors (mostly self created!)  Wendy helped me correct my flow of notes and diagnoses in order to follow acceptable insurance protocol. To put it simply, she worked tirelessly 7 days a week, above and beyond expectations, to make my professional life once again successful.  Wendy is professional ,ethical and has an insurmountable passion to do her job right for her clients
Hire Wendy to be on your side and YOU WONT REGRET IT" - Dr. K

"I was introduced to Wendy when I was looking to expand my practice to New Jersey. I came to Wendy for her advise and guidance in navigating the forms, bureaucracy, and red tape in getting my New Jersey license. Because she had such vast experience working with the Attorney General's office, Wendy was able to facilitate completing all the necessary documentation and getting them directly to the approving office in an expedited fashion. I was able to get my licenses within 3 months as opposed to the normal 6-month process.

Wendy was also a tremendous support when a complaint had been filed for what appeared to be an error in my medical records. Wendy was able to get a special course assigned to me for Review of Proper Charting, which had to be taken within a limited amount of time. Once completed and passed, she was able to get the complaint expunged from my record.

Wendy had proved to be a most reliable and trusting ally. There is no doubt I would not be as successful as I am today had it not been for Wendy's fortitude, determination and dependability. She goes above and beyond in every undertaking she endeavors.

Thank you Wendy for all you have done for me." -Dr. J. Siegal

"Medical bills are, at best, confusing.  They also seem to frequently include costly errors that the patient is expected to pay for without question.  This doesn't have to happen to you.  Wendy is one of the most generous people you will ever meet.  She knows what she is doing and stands by her word.  I highly recommend working with Wendy if your medical bills are out of wack!" -B. Laszakovitis

"I have been working with Wendy for over 6 years.  You will never find anyone more detail oriented and committed as her.  She has brought all my appeals up to date and manages my day to day billing inquiries flawlessly.  I am so happy I never have to worry about my billing and insurance claims ever again.  I recommend her 100%!" 

-Dr. S. Ismaili

"We had been considering changing billers for awhile and Wendy had sent a fax to our office. I gave her a call and could right away tell that she was the no-nonsense kind of person I needed to help me turn my billing situation around. My previous biller was very behind and Wendy and her team have spent countless hours writing appeals and getting us everything we deserved. Wendy was also able to evaluate other things that we could do differently to increase our revenue flow. She is available whenever I need her and she has taught me to do so much about billing that I did not know. I would definitely recommend her." - Dr. C. Chapman

"My office has been working with WW Medical Billing for close to a year with great success.  We started working with Wendy because  our insurance billing and collections were extremely disorganized and behind.  Wendy has helped to increase our collections and get our billing back on track.  Wendy is always available to answer questions and continues to work tirelessly for my office."

-Dr. J. Levy

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