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Meet Wendy

Wendy Weiner is Owner and Operator of WW Medical Billing and Consulting, LLC.  With over 26 years of medical billing experience and a great team under her belt, she works tirelessly to get your claims paid.  Starting out as a biller in a Nephrologist's office, Wendy has worked her way up to become a strong business woman is this highly competitive medical field.

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Wendy's Story

Wendy grew up in the north-east as one of four children.  Her mother was a house wife and helped her father with his self-owned remodeling and electrical business.  Wendy started her career journey as the only Jewish student at Holy Family College where she received her Bachelors Degree.  From there, she found herself working for a Nephrologists office as a medical biller.  Unsatisfied with the work and her employers, she knew she could do better.  

When her mother fell ill and she fought her employer to be at her side, she explained to her mother the plan;

"I just need one client mom and I could do it!"

And she did!  Wendy got that one client and never looked back.  She has helped many medical offices in the passed 26 years with everything from day to day consulting to addressing insurance audits and clearing up backlogged claims.  Wendy and her team have risen to become a strong force in the medical billing field and continue to provide impeccable work to this day. 

Now a days, you can find Wendy working hard and spending time in her New Jersey home with her Cocker Spaniels; Charlie and Chloe.  If she isn't working or spending time with family,  Wendy likes to shop and eat meals with friends.
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