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Over 26 Years Of Experience


Experienced billers and consultants ready and available to resolve all your insurance billing needs!

About Us


WW Medical Billing & Consulting, LLC was established over 20 years ago by Wendy Weiner as a small home business.  In that time, it has grown into a successful company and service provider. As the company expanded, she has brought in to the fold billers and office staff while still keeping the intimate small business feel.  Located in Southern New Jersey, WW Medical Billing and Consulting, LLC has become a saving grace for many local and out of state facilities and patients.  Wendy and her associates service all states and counties around the country to help offices and individuals understand and process their medical bills and insurance issues.

What Can We Do For You!


  • Assess denial patterns and discover their root causes

  • Qualify the financial impact of denials

  • Utilize more streamlined processes to correct and resubmit denials

  • File effective appeals of denials and underpayments

  • Develop strategies to prevent denials and improve staff productivity.

  • Prevent audits and resolve claim conflicts.

  • Peace of mind knowing your filings are correct and up to date.

  • Excellent customer service!

We can work with you as a day to day billing company or as a consultant to assist with specific projects.  Either way, we stay in email contact with you, including weekly reports.

Satisfied Customers

18 Offices Served (and Growing)

Our Mission

WW Medical Billing & Consulting, LLC has over 20 years of Medicare and Blue Cross claims along with over 25 years of billing experience. We can work with you as a day to day billing company or as a consultant to assist with specific projects. Either way, we stay in email contact with you by sending weekly reports. We are a business driven to make your billing experience easy and affordable. Our top notch consultants and billers take your claims seriously. Our priority is making sure your business runs smoothly and efficiently!


Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you.  One of our professionals will respond within 24 hours of your submission.  Thank you!

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